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the future of work.

For schools

The Career Xploration Platform

An online platform that allows students to explore their careers based on topics of their interest and skills based work projects.

The Career Xploration Platform
Our programs

We have designed a blended model of online and onsite experiential learning about the professional world.

Our programs
Work based learning

Students develop in-demand professional-level skills

 and connect with industry experts to learn from them.

Work based learning

For educators

The Career Xploration Platform

We offer educator support to help you connect your students to the future of learning and work.

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The Career Xploration Platform - Educators -
Our programs

We have designed programs for educators to bring the world of work to the classroom. Learn how the future of work looks like in the foreseeable future.

Our programs for educators


"We are very positive about the platform after a review how it fit with existing career exploration programming and our platform"

- Academic Counselor,

International School of Lausanne

"You are offering a well organised, well thought and interesting program for online experiential learning - which lends itself very nicely to CAS as well as working placement experience for our students."

- CAS Coordinator, 

British School of Barcelona

Image by Samantha Gades

Why Xperienceships?

Xperienceships schools attain the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career

Guidance - all COVID-safe, and all in one platform.

We have 10+ years experience in experiential challenge based learning and tailored career mentoring from engineering to entrepreneurship. 


We look at the world of careers differently and understand that to thrive, not just survive in these changing times, you need to look at your professional life with a new perspective.

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