We empower you to explore your career, with purpose, for the modern world of work.


Xperienceships was born when the yet-to-be team heard facts like the following:

The team quickly realised the struggles that individuals must go through while finding their dream career and the lack of help available for them.


Xperienceships was formed by a curious group of people that have all explored various industries and roles throughout their careers. Everything from construction to hospitality to innovation and digital marketing. 


We believe that we all deserve the opportunity to build the career of our dreams. We want you to find your purpose, take ownership of your path and stay true to yourself. We've all spent time exploring our careers and we want to help you start exploring yours too. Passionate professionals are able to adapt to change because they always remember their purpose, or their why.

So, what is your why?


Design Your Career.

We all deserve the opportunity to design the career of our dreams. It doesn't matter if we don't know the industry, or if we want to change it in the future. It is all about here and now.

Skills That Matter.

The key is to learn how to learn. Train transferable skills that you can use in different areas of your life. This will help you build a career with purpose.

Purpose & Resilience.

Change is a constant in our daily lives. The ability to adapt to change and build a career that makes you happy is a big step towards becoming a passionate professional.

Want help to start exploring your career?

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