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the future of work.


Our goal is to help career counselors and schools to better prepare their students to become career explorers and provide them the knowledge, tools and experiences to make informed decisions. 

It all started when some years ago the current team of Xperienceships was working in professional development and work experiences such as internships and training programs globally for more than 10 years, both physically and digitally. We realized there was no training for high school students to understand what the workplace will look like in the future. 


Aware of this, we decided to agree on our mission: 


To help schools open their doors to the professional world and the future of work by providing their educators and students with essential transferable skills training and cutting-edge information form industry experts, enabling them to stay up-to-date on a broad range of 21st century professional topics.

Our passionate team.











Why an Xperienceship?

What’s an Xperienceship? 


It’s an experiential, extraordinary externship that we build into each and every interaction we offer.


What that means for you: 

Whether on our career exploration platform, on a city-based learning visit, or in our blended programming, our participants (Xplorers) get to understand 21st century careers uniquely. Our work-based learning methodology helps you gain transferable skills and create impactful outcomes, as well as meet real-life internationally-minded employers to build your first career network.

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Join over 800+ happy alumni

"I really valued working with experts and mentors, and having the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from them."

How do we understand the future of work?

We have developed a blended learning model to design and run online and onsite programs. From September 2020, we are bringing career exploration closer to schools through a unique online platform. 


The platform is based on topics of interest of their students and skills based work projects.


We help you connect your students to the future of learning and work. 🎓

The unique online platform that allows students to explore their careers based on topics of their interest and skills based work projects.

Want to know more about the Career Xploration Platform?

Watch this introductory video.