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Career Coaching:


Invest in your future and gain help from the xperts through 1:1 sessions flexible around your life.

Fully Flexible Start Dates

For the individuals struggling to find their path or needing a friendly push to start them on their journey to successful career.

Xpert Coaches

You will be paired with an experienced career coach who will be guiding you through your journey,


Many reasons people fail in life is because there is noone to hold them accountable, we wont let you down.


This program will fit around your lifestyle as you will book in the sessions with your career coach directly.

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Join over 800+ happy alumni

"I really valued working with experts and mentors, and having the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from them."

How does the program work?

Pre Program: Self brand and remote working online courses are to be completed in your own time to boost your confidence and prepare you for the future of work. 


Session 1: Before you begin your career journey it's vital that you create your work compass. Understanding what you want from your professional life and what values you consider important in the work that you do.


Session 2: Only 20% of available jobs are posted in the public domain, meaning the majority are hidden behind barriers of personal connections and relationships. Your career coach will work with you to identify your gatekeepers.


Session 3: It’s never been more important than now to have a strong online professional voice. Acing this will showcase your professional skills, personal values and connect you to your gatekeepers.


Session 4: It can be hard to reach out and connect with a new professional networks, your coach will help you identify relevant channels and the tone to engage with professionals to kickstart your career journey.

Session 5: In the last step you’ll build a career roadmap driving you towards your goals and your coach will help you to take ownership of your career development moving forward.

This program champions flexible working to fit around your study or work commitments

Interested in more 1:1 sessions with your career mentor?

Many students find that having future sessions in the diary with their career mentor can keep them on track and accountable for the decisions they make. Extra sessions can be added to your program pack, please talk to your mentor to find out more.

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Fully Flexible Start Dates

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Your program explained

The Career Coaching program marries online 1:1 mentoring and self led online courses. You will join an expert mentor skilled in helping individuals explore, source and secure their dream careers.

When will I have the sessions?

You will be in charge of arranging dates and times between you and your mentor, this is good practice for future professional interactions.

Can I add more coaching sessions?

Yes, please talk to your mentor about this. We recommend that you have future sessions booked in the calendar to keep yourself accountable.

What will be the outcome?

You will leave with a roadmap of your next steps to reach your career goals feeling confident in yourself and your future.

What will I need to do?

Befoe your sessions start we advise that you complete our self brand and remote working online courses; these will prepare you to get the most out of your future sessions and introduce you to the future of work. During each coached session you will agree with your mentor the next steps that you will be taking, this might be researching your gatekeepers or finding opportunities that interest you. As the program is based on 121 mentoring everyones experience will be slightly different and tailored to your individual needs.

Who will my mentor be?

During this program you will be paired with one of Xperienceships xpert career coaches. Each of our coaches has worked in supporting individuals frame their career choices and design a professional lifestyle that matches their goals and personal values. If you'd like to find out more about your mentor before joining the program please email

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Why Xperienceships?

We have 10+ years experience in experiential challenge based learning and tailored career mentoring from engineering to entrepreneurship. 


We look at the world of careers differently and understand that to thrive, not just survive in these changing times, you need to look at your professional life with a new perspective.

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