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our team as a professional

Career Xperience Point

How it works

Now you have finished your first Xperienceships program, you are a certified Career Xplorer. We want you to spread the world about the future of work, how individuals can become career xplorers just like you!

Step 1.

Reach out to those that need your help.

This could be your sorority house, your friends, family and students from your university that you think could benefit from learning the skills of the future.

Step 2.

Share knowledge and advice.


Step 3.

Get $50 per list

For each list you share with us we will give you $50, easy work right?

What's in it for you?

  • Boost your professional profile

  • Build your professional skills

  • Help other individuals to develop and learn about the future of work and xploring careers.

  • Get $50 each list you share

This is a position we want you to be proud to shout about as a career champion helping others to xplore their career and reach their goals.

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