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Course Overview

Our Career Design program will show you how to start looking at your professional life as a journey that provides fulfilment and adventure, ensuring that you make the right choices for you and that you’re finding the career that brings purpose and fulfilment. Working with a dedicated career coach you’ll be guided through our 5 step plan from understanding your own values to how to unlock those roles and possibilities not available to the wider public. Let us help you design your very best career.

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Each Step - Tailored To You

Although you’ll be following our 5 step career design process, we’ll also make sure that each step is tailored to you. Your experienced career coach will work with you to build a career that works for your life, your values and your future goals.

Step 1 - Build Your Work Compass

Before you begin your career design journey it’s vital that you create your work compass. Understand what you want from your professional life and what values you consider vital in the work that you do, only then will you find your perfect next professional step.

Step 2 - Find Your Gatekeepers

Only 20% of available jobs are posted in the public domain, meaning the majority are hidden behind barriers of personal connections and relationships. Your career coach will work with you to identify your gatekeepers to open up countless new job opportunities.

Step 3 - Build Your Online Voice

It’s never been more important than now to have a strong online professional voice. Not only will it allow you to connect with your identified career gatekeepers, but it will also provide you with the platform to showcase your professional skills and personal values.

Step 4 - Commit To Connect

It can be hard to reach out and connect with a new professional network, but it’s critical that you open the doors of career possibilities. Your coach will help you Identify relevant channels and the tone to engage with professionals to kickstart your career journey.

Step 5 - Take Ownership

In the last step you’ll complete the career design loop and reflect on your successes and hurdles to enhance your professional journey. Learn how to respond to new connections and open up new work opportunities through mutually beneficial relationships.

What's included?

5 x 30 minutes one to one tailored coaching sessions with an Xpert career coach.

Live coach support throughout via email and online instant messaging
Access to self brand online course

Access to remote working online course

Who is this Xperience for?

This course is for all individuals passionate about their career development including:

  • School Leavers

  • Graduates

  • Career Changers

  • Retirees

Your Career Coach

During this program you will be paired with one of Xperienceships xpert career coaches. Each of our coaches has worked in supporting individuals frame their career choices and design a professional lifestyle that matches their goals and personal values.

Meet: Neil Finnie

Neil has been part of the Xperienceships team from the beginning and has worked with individuals from Europe, North America and Austaliasia in helping them navigate their professional journey. Neil has experience in a diverse range of industries from construction to coworking and education to entrepreneurship. Neil is founder of The Generator Cowork Hub, Corkscrew Training and involved with multiple startups in an advisory role, as well as his work with Xperienceships as a career coach.

How to secure your space

This program is completely flexible to your schedule, sign up below and our Xperts will be in touch.

Design Your Career

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