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Entrepreneur Activate Program


What better way to find a career you love your very own business. Our Activate Entrepreneur program takes you from ideation to launch in 4 weeks.

Next start date: October 5th

With unprecedented environmental change there comes opportunities to create and adapt, now is the time to explore your entrepreneurial pathway.

Guided Mentorship

Receive 1:1 online mentoring with experienced entrepreneurs

Startup Masterclasses

Impactful sessions in Ideation, Feasibility, Test and Launch.

Group Cohorts

Join up to 20 budding founders  to share and support  your journey

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More Than 100 Programs Delivered.

"I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, but this program unlocked and supported my startup journey."

How does the program work?

Week 1: Spark a startup as you go through a week of ideation and look at your passions and learn to spot the array of opportunities that surround you.

Week 2: Quickly identify if your new business ideas are feasible as you learn to use our seamless approach in assessing each of your startup concepts.

Week 3: Take your seamless ideas to market as you learn how to use marketing sprints to test your hypothesis with your chosen target audience.

Week 4: Once you’ve proved your concept it’s now time to launch your new startup through identified MVPs (minimal viable products/prototypes).

Throughout: Join regular group exploration sessions to learn new entrepreneurial skills, expose yourself to new industries and build meaningful connections.

This program champions flexible working to fit around your study or work commitments

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12th July 2021           Cohort open

9th Aug 2021            Cohort open

13th Sept 2021          Cohort open

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Your schedule explained

The Entrepreneur Activate Program marries online mentoring, group development sessions and seamless startup sprints. You will join a group of like-minded individuals remotely to explore what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

1) Mental game skills to turn pressure and nerves into an advantage

WINNING STATE teaches athletes that no amount of physical training will eliminate nervousness. The idea is a myth. Athletes learn a new of skills to face nerves head on and turn heart-pounding pressure into an advantage.

4) Mental toughness skills to make hard decisions

Athletes learn that decisions are black or white. We do or we don’t. We go train or we blow it off. We go to class or we ditch it. We study hard for the test or we don’t. As we’re deciding whether to work or slack off our mind plays tricks on us: “You can get away with it just this one time.” What a mistake! The heck with getting away with it. WINNING STATE teaches athletes how to make mentally tough decisions that propel them forward, toward becoming a champion. Success on and off the field takes mental toughness.

5) Competition skills to “flip the switch”

In the competitive sports context, WINNING STATE coined the term “flip the switch” to give athletes a simple idea to take into competition. Athletes learn how to switch on a competition process loaded with mental toughness tactics to get the most out of themselves under nerve-wracking pressure.

3) Strategies to preplan self-talk to crush doubt and hesitation

WINNING STATE teaches athletes how to give themselves an inspiring pep-talk when the pressure is on. Athletes learn self-talk strategies to verbally win the battle between doubting and believing. WINNING STATE provides numerous examples of great self-talk to put doubt in its place and go for it.

2) Knowledge of why confidence and mental toughness are NOT the same

Athletes learn why mental toughness is more important than confidence. Confidence is a flighty “feeling” that comes and goes. Mental toughness is a gritty attitude that can withstand adversity. WINNING STATE teaches athletes mental toughness tactics to stay poised and composed under pressure. WINNING STATE is the first to make the distinction: mental toughness drives confidence.

Plus more essential mental toughness skills to COMPETE MENTALLY TOUGH and win

  • Skills to achieve a LOCKED-IN mental state.
  • Knowledge of what a mental game “is” and what a mental game should “produce.”
  • A new perspective that makes a clear distinction between physical toughness and mental toughness.
  • The skill to breathe systematically to settle nerves, increase horsepower, and strengthen focus.
  • Self-talk strategies to prevent worrying about future outcomes and to instead keep the mind grounded in the present focused on doing their job.
  • Mental pictures of what to visualize when their heart is pounding through their chest.
And more!

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Why Xperienceships?

We have 10+ years experience in experiential challenge based learning and tailored career mentoring from engineering to entrepreneurship. 


We look at the world of careers differently and understand that to thrive, not just survive in these changing times, you need to look at your professional life with a new perspective.