All our programmes will follow Covid-19 protocols for the safety of all the participants and ours.


Our 5 day Erasmus+ programmes are designed to empower educators to better prepare students for the future of work.


Preparing educators for the future of learning

Since 2010 we have been creating and running innovative programmes under the Erasmus+ and LifeLong Learning initiatives in some of the most entrepreneurial cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Exeter and Stockholm. 


We develop training programmes to build an entrepreneurial mindset. Our highly specialised career coaches:

  • develop training programmes to build an entrepreneurial mindset. 

  • create learning environments to improve critical skills for learners and teachers. 

  • know about the future of work.

The main outcome of our programmes are open minded staff and confident teachers who are able to implement the acquired knowledge to better prepare learners for the fourth industrial revolution and to harness their inner entrepreneur. 

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Our programmes.

Learn from

Local Specialists

The future of work in the classroom

All our programmes will follow Covid-19 protocols for the safety of all the participants and ours.


Structure of the programmes.

You will participate in a programme designed to have a positive impact on the students of your school. The main focus is to work towards the 21st century skills. The learning of this programme is acquired through leadership, cooperation and teamwork.


One of the main goals of this programme is to provide an international network in Barcelona, and create knowledge by sharing learnings and experiences within other participants and local agents. 


At Xperienceships we are committed to lifelong training, and in our programme  you will work on this topics:


School and Business


Technology in education


Formal and non formal education

Innovation and creativity skills


Innovative training methodologies


Foreign languages


Technology oriented future


Sustainable development goals

Why organize your programme with Xperienceships?

1. We support educators in bringing trends from industry and experiential learning opportunities into the classroom. 2. We understand the future of learning as they key to unlock future careers for your students. 3. All our programs are skill based. We teach you how to acquire basic transferable skills, and how you can bring them to your students.

What is the structure of the programmes?

These are half-day programmes over 5 days in Barcelona. The content of the programme includes site visits, innovative workshops and development of an action plan to apply knowledge in the classroom.

Why should educators take the programme?

We provide a programme that is not only 5 days. We offer the possibility to join us for unlimited access to the Career Xploration Platform powered by Xperienceships. It is a safe space to network with experts, get the latest news on the future of work, and attend live workshops with mentors from a variety of industries. By accessing the network, you will be up to date on the future of work. All the participants receive access to the Educators Collective, a private network of international teaching colleagues and a space to read updates, share questions and best practice . This network is hosted in the Career Xploration Platform.

"This is the place to learn how to think fast and differently. We are facing an uncertain future, and we need to learn how to adapt to it, but also, to teach our learners how to do it."

Olivia -educator-, Slovenia

"We are very much interested to continue with Xperienceships. You are offering a well organised, well thought and interesting programme for experiential learning, which lends itself very nicely to placement experience for our students."

Kath - educator-, Spain

"We are very positive about the platform after a review how it fit with existing career exploration programming."

Katrina - educator-, Switzerland

Our Erasmus+ partners. 

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You should also know.


This programme has been designed to provide professional training. We live in a VUCA World, and we truly believe professional development and training skills like adaptability is key to understanding fast and unpredictable change. 



Through this programme you will get to know the entrepreneurial and educational environment in Barcelona. You will have the opportunity to meet industry leaders and other local agents. 



We also provide other activities, such as guided tours and sightseeing. Barcelona is a city known for its cultural offer, modernist buildings and art museums.



In case you need help in booking your accommodation, just let us know in advance! We can assist in the logistics, we know the more comfortable places in town. 



At Xperienceships we have more than 7 years experience running Erasmus+ programmes for educators. We also provide mobilities and learning experiences for pupils and learners.

All our programmes will follow Covid-19 protocols for the safety of all the participants and ours.

Contact the team.

HI! I’m Alba, the co-founder of Xperienceships.

Xperienceships is an accelerator for students to become career explorers and be ready for the future of work. We provide different kinds of programmes to make sure educatrors and students acquire through experiential learning the skills to thrive in the future of work. 

Do you want more information about the programmes? Contact me: alba@xperienceships.com