All our programmes will follow Covid-19 protocols for the safety of all the participants and ours.


Our 2 week Erasmus+ programmes are designed to help students to prepare for the future of work and the career chapters that await them. 


Preparing learners for 21st Century Careers

Since 2010 we have been creating and running innovative programmes under the Erasmus+ and LifeLong Learning initiatives in some of the most entrepreneurial cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Exeter and Stockholm. 


We develop training programmes to build an entrepreneurial mindset. Our highly specialised career coaches:

  • develop training programs to build an entrepreneurial mindset. 

  • create learning environments to improve critical skills for learners and teachers. 

  • know about the future of work.

Our methodology.

Xperienceships is the door opener for your students to the future of work and the workplace. 


We have designed a blended model of online and on site learning to provide experiential learning about the professional world, based on career exploration with industry experts and training in skills that are in high demand in the world of work.


On site learning

Proof of skills & work experience

Students take a 2-week programme in a European city in which they learn the most in-demand  21st century skills in the workplace.


Future of work

Real work experience​

During those 2 weeks they will gain work experience by developing a real project for a client working in the sector they are interested in. 


Online learning

Industry experts & skills development

We deliver a pre-departure online programme: tips and resources  for successfully launching your career.

Our programmes.

Climate Action & Social impact

Engineering and computing

Tourism & Hospitality


Creative Industries

Health & Wellness

All our programmes will follow Covid-19 protocols for the safety of all the participants and ours.


Structure of the programmes.

Why organize your programme with Xperienceships?

All the programmes we design for the Erasmus+ framework are based on entrepreneurship. During our two-week programmes we work on the necessary skills for entrepreneurship such as creativity, communication, empathy, problem solving, decision making and risk taking... The programme includes the possibility of booking site visits to innovative and industry leaders companies, as well as the opportunity of building an international network of professionals.

What is the structure of the programmes?

- The participants work on client projects, where they have the opportunity of developing a project for a brand. - The work methodology is based on creativity, innovation and teamwork. - Entrepreneurship and the skills that are developed provide the structural framework of the programmes. - Participants are accompanied by coaches who are experts in the sector. - We run the programmes in english. - After the programmme, they have unlimited access to online resources to design their career and develop a portfolio.

Why should my students take the programme?

- Work on skills such as autonomy or creativity. - Generate their own portfolio of work. - Improve communication skills. - Create their own professional network. - Get inspired by professionals and innovative brands. - Develop their self-brand.

Where do the programmes take place?

The programmes take place in entrepreneurial cities of Europe. All of them are hosted in working environments of the future of work: such as coworking spaces or skill development centres. You can see an example here.


"This is the place to learn how to think fast and differently. We are facing an uncertain future, and we need to learn how to adapt to it, but also, to teach our learners how to do it."

Olivia -educator-, Slovenia

"I have learned to understand and empathize with the personality types of my team. Team work is a key skills for the future of work and we need to train that skill."

Beth - student-, Ireland

"I learned a lot about myself and my own creativity during the programme. And the people I met through Xperienceships were so nice and creative, which made my time in Barcelona amazing."

Fredrik - student -, Sweden

"We are very much interested to continue with Xperienceships. You are offering a well organised, well thought and interesting programme for experiential learning, which lends itself very nicely to placement experience for our students."

Kath - educator-, Spain


Our Erasmus+ partners. 

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You should also know.


The programme can be complemented by cultural activities. We work with a tour operator that offers activities such as guided tours and sightseeing. Barcelona is a city known for its cultural offer, modernist buildings and art museums.



The programme covers all the logistics for the programme: accommodation, flights and subsistence allowance.


At Xperienceships we have more than 7 years experience running Erasmus+ programmes for students. We can also provide mobilities for staff and teachers.

All our programmes will follow Covid-19 protocols for the safety of all the participants and ours.

Contact the team.

HI! I’m Alba, the co-founder of Xperienceships.

Xperienceships is an accelerator for students to become career explorers and be ready for the future of work. We provide different kinds of programmes to make sure students acquire through experiential learning the skills to thrive in the future of work. 

Do you want more information about the programmes? Contact me: alba@xperienceships.com