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My Xplore Program:



Explore and launch your career through 1:1 mentoring, intern-sprints and future work skill development.

Next start date: January 18th 2021 

For the ones who want to build a portfolio, meet professionals and get ready for the future of work. 

It's time to design the next step in your career.

Guided Tuition

Receive 1:1 online mentoring sessions with your career xpert


Build your portfolio with rapid international work experience

Group Cohorts

Join up to 20 like-minded individuals to share your journey

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Join over 800+ happy alumni

"I really valued working with experts and mentors, and having the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from them."

How does the program work?

Pre- Program: Bonus self guided online courses in personal brand and remote working.


Week 1: Explore yourself and what really motivates you. Understand the changing landscape in the world of work and how to thrive in these unprecedented times.

Week 2: Learn how the world of Social Enterprises are changing how we view and run businesses with your first intern-sprint. Work on a project for a real life company.

Week 3: In your second intern-sprint you'll immerse yourself in the world of Start Ups while learning new skills empowered by innovation. Work on a project for a real life company.

Week 4: Build your Career Roadmap to plan and launch the next steps on your professional journey from planning future work experiences to learning new skills.

Throughout: Join regular group exploration sessions to learn new skills, expose yourself to new careers and build meaningful connections.

This program champions flexible working to fit around your study or work commitments

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Upcoming Start Dates

18th Jan 2021             Cohort open

31st May 2021            Cohort open

28th June 2021         Cohort open 

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Your schedule explained

The My Xplore Program marries online 1:1 mentoring, group development sessions and international client project intern-sprints. You will join a group of like-minded individuals exploring careers together remotely in order to find your dream career.

Week 1 - Exploring You

During the first week you'll be exploring what makes you unique from what you enjoy to the skills you posses and what motivates you to what frustrates you. There will be group exercises to help you explore and 1:1 mentoring to discuss your current career position and where you want to be in future. Highlights:

  • Understand your Ikigai
  • Build your career compass
  • Own your skills and attributes

Week 3 - Startup Sprint

During week 3 you will take part in your second intern-sprint as you're immersed into the world of startups. You will work as a team to produce marketing materials for an international startup to help them share their company values and goals. You will learn important transferable skills as well as producing impactful portfolio work to boost your resume. This sprint will involve tailored learning from experienced industry mentors and digital client pitches. Highlights:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Build transferable startup skills
  • Insight to the future of work
  • Linkedin client reference

Week 2 - Social Impact Sprint

Your first intern-sprint is focused on the world of social enterprise. You'll complete a project for a company working towards one of the Social Development Goals from the United Nations. You will be growing your work portfolio and developing important transferable skills such as adaptability, resilience, empathy and communication. Highlights:

  • Build professional work experience
  • Develop global connections
  • Receive Linkedin reference
  • Pitch to global social enterprise
  • Intro to impact driven business

Week 4 - Your Career Roadmap

In the last week of the My Xplore Program you'll learn how to utilise everything you have learnt to take those next steps in your career journey. Working with your dediated 1:1 career mentor you'll build a career roadmap to help you fulfill your future professional goals from the resources and confidence you've developed over the duration of the program.

  • Plan your next career step
  • Develop accountability action
  • Create your possibility spectrum
  • 360 degree evaluation
  • Final Linkedin review

Pre-Program: Self Brand Ready

When signing up to this program you will gain access to our online courses in personal brand and remote working. Theses self guided courses will set you up with the skills you need to maximise your experience during the 4 week program and beyond. Highlights:

  • Linkedin Level Up
  • Skill development for future work
  • Start your career self exploration
  • Networking Masterclass

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Why Xperienceships?

We have 10+ years experience in experiential challenge based learning and tailored career mentoring from engineering to entrepreneurship. 


We look at the world of careers differently and understand that to thrive, not just survive in these changing times, you need to look at your professional life with a new perspective.

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