4 Scary Careers You Didn't Know Existed

During October Xperienceships want to take the opportunity to highlight 4 scary careers you probably didn't know existed. Does ghosts, magic spells and haunted houses intrigue you? Then keep reading to explore these shivering careers.

1. Funeral Director

The funeral director (a.k.a mortician or undertaker) handles most things when it comes to funerals. What you are allowed to do depends on your level of education and qualifications. But tasks that are included in the job of funeral directors are, meetings with the family, ceremony arrangements, embalming of the corpse, casketing and cremation.

How you can become a funeral director depends on the country you are living in. Some places require education and special licences, some don’t.

2. Ghost Hunter

Who would have thought that ghostbusters was a real career? If you are into paranormal activity, look this way. Today we are exploring Ghost Hunter as a career.

A ghost hunter or paranormal investigator investigates places that supposedly have paranormal activity. The theory of ghosts existing is heavily criticised by scientists, educators and other academics. However it doesn’t stop people from encountering spirits and asking for professional help to find these ghosts.

Things to keep in mind when exploring ghost hunting as a career:

  • You don’t need all that expensive equipment. You can go a long way with a digital recorder and a smartphone camera.

  • Ask an expert - learn from someone who is more experienced than you.

  • Stay safe - be aware of your surroundings and stay safe

  • Start small - Like when you explore any other career, starting small can bring you a long way.

  • Be patient - you will be hunting for ghosts after all.

4. Witch

Are you into magic and witchcraft? Then this could be the career for you.

Witches were more common back in the early modern days (15-18th century) but don't think they aren’t still around practising magic, casting spells and reading the stars.

To learn more about how you can make an entry into the world of witchcraft, check out this article by Stephanie Eckhart - "How to become a witch - a beginners guide"

5. Science Fiction Makeup Artist

Up your scary make up game by exploring this scary career.

Science fiction makeup artist or SFX makeup artist is a creative profession where you get to create super realistic scary looks. The profession has made its way to fame in recent years, and the popularity does not seem to seize.

As a SFX makeup artist you can work as a freelancer, at movie sets or at a makeup studio.

Only your imagine can stop you when it comes to exploring careers. This was only 4 scary careers that we wanted to shine some extra light on. Do you want to explore more careers? Follow us on Instagram for weekly career updates.

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