Coffee Break With Gastón Vallés, Agile Coach

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Alba met Gastón for a Coffee Break on Instagram Live to talk about his journey from software engineer to agile coach. We found out what agile methodology is, how you can become an agile coach and how companies are handling the current situation from an Agile perspective.

Gastón is originally from the south of Argetina but is now based in Barcelona, Spain since 11 years. He started his career as a software engineer back in Argentina. Though as he moved up to become a team leader, his interest in soft skills grew. He realized that what he enjoyed most was to lead and coach teams to achive their goals. Gastón started to read up on a methodology called SCRUM and slowly moved away from the field of software development and became a full time agile coach.

If you are reading this you probably have an insight on SCRUM and Agile methodology. However, I thought I'll give you a short explanation just in case.

SCRUM is a framework that allows teams to effectively develop and deliver complex products in a lean way. It all started in the software industry where companies spent so much time developing products, so when the product hit the market it was already outdated. All thanks to inefficient team work. SCRUM was developed to change that and is now used in many other fields than just software. To learn more, go to:

Agile methodology is a way to help individuals, teams and organisations to introduce new ways of working. To reflect and learn from their experiences and adapt to what the team really needs. You can also use agile methodology to make changes to the company culture. To learn more, go to:

What essential skills do you need to be an agile coach?

To become an agile coach you need to have an interest in people and master soft skills such as leadership, project management, creativity and resiliance. So, where can you gain those soft skills?

Not in school, that is one thing Gastón clarified to us. He went from being an engineer to a coach by learning by doing and constantly searching for knowledge on his own. When searching for knowledge on you own Gastón recommends to learn from the best and go straight to the people who invented the methods and frameworks that you want to learn more about.

How are the current events affecting companies today from an agile perspective? And how will they be affected in the future?

Now that we are not allowed outside and many people are forced to work from home. Companies are either doing great or they are struggling, all depening on their abilities to adapt to the new circumstances of working remotely and being agile.

What Gastón thinks that companies should keep in mind is that this is an opportunity embrace this new way of working and to see if these temporary transformations can stick in the company culture. Companies should take advantage of this period and drill their teams in remote working and adapt to new situations. The big challenge will be for comapnies to stick to their new ways of working when they get back to the office and not go back to "normal".

Tips on where to find inspiration in agile coaching

1. By learning from other companies and organisations.

2. Don't get stuck in your own field. Look into different fields for inspiration and see if you can implement any of that into what you are working on.

3. He also gets inspired to see his solutions come to life and help people to be comfortable and engaged with their work.

Gastón recommends..

First few steps to get started with agile coaching:

1. Check out the Agile Manifesto linked above.

2. Get familiar with SCRUM and also the Kanban framework

3. Go to the root of the knowledge and learn from the masters

4. Learn how to visualize the work process and see the flow.

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