UX design is one big buzzword in the tech industry today

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

But what exactly is UX design? Is there a future in this new industry and how can you build a career out of it?

We had a coffee with Darren Hunt, a UX-designer from Exeter in the UK. He shared his expertise with us. We also received some tips on how you can expand your toolbox to enter this important world of design.

UX design stands for user experience design. It is about understanding how users interact with a product or a service. The job of a UX designer consists of carrying out research, iterating and testing different design solutions. The results are then used to make a product or service as simple as possible for users to interact with. UX design is not only implementable in the tech industry and to build websites. UX is something anyone building a product or a service should take into account. Everything from a website to a coffee machine will need an element of UX design to it.

To learn more about user experience design check out this video.

But how do you become a UX designer?

Darren started out working in printed design. This was back in the day before computers were even a thing in his industry. Over the years he has gone from printed design, to digital design and now into UX design. It takes a lot of experience, patience and resilience to become a good UX designer.

“If you think you can do a 3 week boot camp, smash it and make a fortune, you are wrong”

Darren has been partnering with Career Foundry. It is a german company that provides a very comprehensive 6 month course in UX design. Even with this course in your arsenal you will need to get prepared to start building your experience from scratch.

What is the current status of UX design on the job market?

UX is an industry that is still maturing and finding its feet. Companies are starting to realize that UX is a crucial part of the design process and the impact that it has. Thus more money is being invested in it and jobs are being created.

As the job market in UX is growing, specialisms are emerging. For instance, are you awesome at finding new business? Are you are kick ass at research and seeing details and nuances of people's behaviour? Or is your expertise creating beautiful and user friendly designs? All the above are specialisms that are required in the field of user experience. So you do not have to limit yourself or think that you need to cover all the skillsets mentioned above. Do what you love and do it well, then everything else will fall into place.

Are you looking to get into UX design? Then Darren recommends you to..

1. Find your niche. It is a very broad field and it is easy to get lost in the masses.

2. Learn, learn, learn! Invest time to gain relevant experience and knowledge. As mentioned above a 3 week boot camp won’t do.

3. Leave the ego at the door and develop empathy for other people. As a UX designer you need to understand people and why they act a certain way. Your opinion does not count!