Master big data and AI with Corin Navarre

The 4th industrial revolution is upon us, companies and people need to adapt fast. The demand for AI solutions is on the rise and by 2022, 100 of every 10.000 job opportunities will be represented by the Data and AI professional cluster.*

We met with Corin who is based in Barcelona to learn about her career in the AI industry. She started as a computer engineer when she finished her bachelor back in 2013. Now she works as a project leader at Everis centre of excellence of data and intelligence. Learn more about what Everis does here ( The main fields for Corin are big data and artificial intelligence. Though what she is mastering right now is how to lead a team as a project leader.

Do you have to be tech savvy to work in tech?

There is a lot of prejudice out there that you have to be tech savvy to work in tech. This is something that Corin does not agree with. The tech field is under constant development and they need people from other expertises to join them so that they can improve on other things that are not strictly related to tech. Fields such as business and marketing. Corin herself is currently doing a second master in business administration and is more interested in working with people in the future rather than just focusing on the technical sides of the industry.

Upskilling is another thing that is crucial if you are looking to work in the field of tech. Especially AI since the field is changing extremely fast and to stay relevant for employers and clients you have to be up to date with the latest technologies.

What about soft skills and learning how to deal with people?. As a STEM student you rarely have classes in leadership nor in how to manage a team. This is something that one has to learn outside of school and it is key even working in tech. If you are a super analytical person that just wants to sit in front of your computer and code, then you might not need to learn these things. But the vast majority of people in tech do need to acquire these soft skills. If you are down with the latest technology and know how to deal with people then you will be pre-eminent on the job market.

Is it a myth that the field of tech is predominantly male?

Both yes and no. Back in 2010 when Corin started her degree she was the only female person in her class. Then three years later when she went to look for her first job, people in similar positions as hers were 9 times outta 10 a male. This has changed over the years and nowadays the industry is a lot more equal. Thanks to organizations like All Women Tech where Corin has had chats with young females new to the tech industry.

What are the next steps for Corin?

To finish her second master and hopefully in the future start her own company, taking on clients that need help with artificial intelligence. Connect with Corin on LinkedIn to see what she is up to at the moment.

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