Master digital tools with career explorer Silvia Paloschi

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

If there is somehting we have learnt from this global crisis is that we can get far with a laptop and an OK wifi connection. In person meetings are not that important anymore and comapnies globally are joining the digital transformation much faster than they had expected by the end of last year. But how can we as individuals upskill and leverage on this new global digital transformation? We met with Silvia Paloschi originally form Milan, Italy but now she is based in the UK. Silvia is a woman of many traits. Some of the titles she has on her LinkedIn Profile are Digital Trainer, Startup Coach and Social & Content Marketing Specialist.

One could say that Silvia is a true career xplorer. The reason for her constant exploration is that she gets bored very easily. Something that has been an advantage considering the progress and versatility she has developed in her career. We ask her why she thinks it is important to keep exploring your career path?

Due to the digital transformative journey the world is on right now the job market is already looking a lot different than it did 6 months ago. Changes will keep happening and it is important to keep exploring what is out there to stay relevant and be able to land those saught after positions.

Okey so we need to stay open and explore our options to stay relevant. But are there any tangible skills I can aquire that are extra important when moving into the new normal that is approaching us? Indeed there is, Silvia listed 3 skills she thinks can help you in your career journey.

  1. Open mindfulness - Be able to recieve, understand and process feedback. Then act on it in a relevant way.

  2. Efficient communication. It will take longer than we thought before we will be able to work in the same place as our peers, hence why efficient and clear communication is key in the new normal.

  3. Learn how to learn and be curious about the world. When working on your own you will be responsible for your own learning. Something that can help learning along is to be curious.

These are skills that are easy to list as bullet points. But they can be hard to learn unless you have a workplace where you can implement them. As Silvia is a digital trainer we took the opportunity to ask her about some advice to anyone looking to land an internship or a job right now?

  • Be open to virtual internships. Many companies are providing virtual internships that you can do from your own desk as long as you have a laptop and a stable wifi connection.

  • Look at the volunteering sector. All experience is good experience. Also, in times like these many organisations are screaming for a pair of helping hands. You can do a community a favour and have something to put on your resume.

  • Do not rule out working in essential fields such as construction, commerce, healthcare. I repeate, all experience is good experience. And you might not always obtain the exact job you would prefer. But it is all about attitude and what you do with the experience and skills you do aquire. Maybe working a few months in construction can help ou build a career in communications focusing on construction firms, as you now know how they work.

Wow Silvia has really brought us a lot of tangible stuff we can do to keep exploring and advancing our careers during the crisis that we are in. But it doesn't stop just yet. Finally, Silvia recommended 3 digital resources that can help you, and you and you (yes you too) to stand out on the job market. What are they?

Watch the full chat here:

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