Change lives as a Nutrition Coach

Updated: May 25, 2020

What is a nutrition coach?

A nutrition coach is someone who help clients to develop and make progress towards their personal wellness goals by empowering them to take responsability for their own health.

They bridge the gap between wanting to be healthy to acutally becoming healthy. Some might think that this is soely related to eating the right foods, but it is not. It also has a lot to do with wiring your brain into a healthier way of thinking. This can then lead to better living habits. Though food plays a big part but it is not the only building block that a nutrition coach brings to the table as you can see in the points below.

What to expect from a career in nutrition?

  • Talk about food all day every day

  • Be interested in people and be ready to walk in your clients shoes

  • Be ready to challenge your mind and explore your curiosity

  • Gain problem sovling skills - there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to nutrition. Every client is different and so are their needs.

  • Become a good listener and able to read body language

  • Don't expect to become a millionaire. But it is rewarding and you get to change lives!

Learn from an expert who created her own business as a coach in nutrition

In this video the Xperienceships host Cecilia meets Anne Richardson to learn all about her career as a nutritional coach.

Name: Anne Richardson

Job Title: Founder of Crunch Nutrition

Years in Industry: 7 years

Based in: Devon, UK

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