Remote Internships For College Students. How do I source and secure my perfect placement?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

There is little doubt that remote internships for college students are a great way to boost critical work skills to go alongside the academic theory you’re developing at college, however, with the increase in demand for remote internships how do you go about finding a suitable host organisation and what type of projects could I work on? Below are 5 top tips to think about if you’re a college student looking for a remote internship.

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1. Understand the reason why you want a remote internship

It might be that you need a remote internship for your college credit or that you feel it will give you the relevant experience to boost your linkedin profile (forget about your resume, see point two below!), however, you need to think about the type of company you want to work for and also what type of career you want to design. More than 70% of students have no idea what they want to do after graduation, so look at a remote internship as a way to test different industries and careers, but have a clear idea of the type of role you’d like to explore. Start magpie-ing (that black and white bird that takes the silvery things it likes!) companies that match your own values and interests or spend time looking for individuals on Linkedin that have roles or jobs that interest you and keep a list. Build that list over time as this will serve as a database of connections you can reach out to.

2. 80% of remote internships (and jobs in general!) are never advertised

It’s an amazing stat, but only 20% of jobs are ever advertised in the public domain, the majority of openings never make their way to craigslist, linkedin, Handshake or college jobs boards. This is why step one is so important, the majority of roles go to direct connections, so collecting and building a database of individuals and companies you like will give you that upper hand in finding a remote internship that other college students will never find!

3. Commit to connect

It doesn't matter if you’re a college student with no experience looking for a remote internship, you still need to commit to connect. Many college students feel comfortable directly connecting with senior decision makers at companies they’re interested in working for, this is BS, the majority of decision makers want to hear from the future workforce and are more than willing to try and help you in your career path as it’s ultimately the future of their business. You won’t find a remote internship without knocking on a few doors, and yes you will get rejected, but you’ll also find some opportunities that weren’t there before.

4. Create your own remote internship project

Being successful is all about being proactive, taking the initiative and making your own opportunities in life. If you’re looking for a remote internship related to your college course then you have the option of approaching your targeted host organisation with a remote internship project idea. The host organisation won’t need to have the added hassle of thinking about what they need you to do and if you think about problems they potential have in their business or some value you can add then you’re going to have a good chance of locking down something that benefits both you and your host placement.

5. Eat, sleep, reflect, repeat.

Don’t think finding a remote internship will be easy, it won’t. As I said there is more and more competition for remote internships for college students, so you’re going to need to be committed and patient. Develop your professional brand and build the confidence to connect, it not open doors immediately, but it will offer out future opportunities. So keep positive and be resilient and you’ll land that remote internship soon enough.

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