Get under the sheets with a career in Sexology.

Updated: May 18, 2020

Sex! Everybody does it, but we never talk about it. It is tabú, it is shamefull, it is embarresing. We all need to shake it off and get better at speaking openly about sex. Make it into less of a thing and embrace it as something we all do. Somebody who has sex on her agenda each and every day is 28 year old Avril Louise Clarke, legitimate sexologist and sex therapist. We sat down to speak to Avril about all things sex and how she ended up working in the industry.

Avril was born and raised in the sexiest city in the world, Miami, Florida. It used to be her home up until 5 years ago when she packed her bags and moved to Spain. Even if Avril now has made sex and relations into her profession, it has not always been an obvious path for her. She grew up in an Irish catholic family where the mentioning of "sex", "menstruation" or "masturbation" were all tabú. But little did she know that those kinds of topics would be on her daily agenda later on in life.

It all began when Avril together with some class mates started an HIV awarness club at their highschool. They would inform their peers all about practicing safe sex, where they could get tested for STD's etc. The club also invited sexologists and sex therapists to the school to spread knowledge on the topic. That is when Avril met her mentor for the first time.

Finding a mentor

Her name is Marilyn Volker and she is a university professor and sex therapist from Miami. She is quite famous and someone to look up to in the field of sexology. Marilyn planted a seed in Avril that over the years would grow into something bigger. When it was time for Avril to pick a career path she reached out to Marilyn and asked her out for a coffee and a chat. This was a really brave thing of Avril to do entering an industry she had no experinece in. To get in touch with a mentor is something that helps when it comes to exploring careers. Find a mentor that you can learn from and maybe they can even guide you on your path.

After the coffee with Marilyn was finished, the desicion was a no brainer for Avril. She was going to become a sexologist.

But exactly is sexology? And what is it that a sexologist actually do?

We did a simple google search and came up with this:

So it is not all about sex itself. It is also about all the things sorrunding it. Such as how one is feeling, thinking and talking about sex.

So what about the profession "Sexologist"?

If you have a degree in clinical sexology as Avril does you can mainly work in 3 different fields.

1. Sex Therapy

2. Research

3. Education

Avril's two main fields are sex therapy and education. In the two she gets to arrange events and sex workshops (hold you horses, not what you think. Go to Avril's website to learn more). The other part of her job is to offer sex therapy to couples and individuals. She does this both in person and online.