What industries are thriving in 2020?

The unemployment rate during the pandemic has skyrocketed. But there are still companies that have been in serious need of extra staff and innovation. We were all there to witness the hoarding of toilet paper, watching way too much Netflix and having to work or attend classes remotely. We were in quarantine but that did not stop us from consuming. But it led some industries to plummet and others to thrive.

What industries have been booming?

Hand sanitizer

The hands of the world have never been as clean as in 2020. The demand for hand sanitizer had a massive increase. Even the distilleries started making hand sanitizer because the global supply ran out.

Online shopping and delivery

The lockdown forced us to do much of our shopping online. Amazon's stock price went through the roof. They were delivering packages like never before. Delivering companies such as DHL. And applications such as Uber Eats also benefited from us not being able to leave our houses.

Communication tools

If it didn’t happen on Zoom it never happened. Did you have a virtual birthday party during the lockdown? Or did you decide to stream your wedding? As a result of social distancing we were forced to work, study and do almost everything remotely. Zoom earned as much money in the past three months as they did during the entire year of 2019. Companies are predicting that remote working will continue in the future. Good news for Zoom!

Streaming services

Let’s be honest for a second. How many hours of binge watching did you do? Netflix had 16 million new sign ups during the first quarter of 2020. Time spent on subscription streaming services increased by 40% in the UK in April. We streamed a lot! But at least we finally could watch our favourite series without feeling too guilty about it. But it is not like there was much else to do.


How many rolls of toilet paper did you buy? The fear of running out of toilet paper became a phenomenon in many parts of the world. We were rushing to the stores to stock up on anything and everything. We were afriad and didn’t know what this pandemic would turn out to be, so we stocked up. Supermarkets were hiring like never before. to be able to keep up with restocking the shelves and supplying their locals with essentials.

Healthcare and mental healthcare

We can not forget to honour the amazing health care workers. They worked day and night to get us through this pandemic. Hospitals asked everyone with basic medical education to lend them a hand. Many people also stepped up to volunteer at hospitals to give help where they could. The virus did not only affect people's physical health. It also affected our mental health which increased the demand for mental health professionals.

Key takeaways

Maybe you don’t want to explore any of the fields that have been thriving during the pandemic. But something to keep in mind for when you are exploring career paths is to take a look at the world around you. What industries are blooming right now? Keep an eye on trends and innovations. What fields or companies will be hiring next? What expertise will be needed? And don’t forget to keep connecting and talking to professionals. Getting information straight from the source helps to keep your finger on the pulse of the job market. Hopefully we can come out of 2020 stronger than ever. With new experience, skills and knowledge to conquer the world.

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