Preparing High School Students For 21st Century Careers

- The Free X Challenge -

These 2020 statistics show a rapid change in how we understand the careers of tomorrow.


University students will switch jobs an average of 12 times during their working life, and will switch industries an average of 5 times.


In the next decade, 60% of jobs in the workforce will be new.


The half-life (the period of time a skill is deemed useful and valuable) of a skill is now 5 years. For example, a skill you learned 10 years ago is likely to be less valuable or no longer has value in the workplace. 

Career development, experiential learning and international networking will be key to prepare our students to be truly future-ready.

What is the X Challenge?

Challenge briefs set out by real life international clients working towards the 17 sustainable development goals 

Students meet, research and complete group work over a 2-4 week period, completely flexible around their studies and timezones

Groups give live presentations or submit work to be assessed by the real client

Prizes awarded to top X challengers, of books, school equipment, or free career design programs

- Students will attend live, synchronous sessions throughout with the Xperienceships xperts to assist with the project work -

Image by Eric Rothermel

Next start date:

24th September 2020

- Register your students by 17.09.2020 to join our next cohort -

More about the Free X Challenge for High Schoolers 

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Outcomes for students

Real world impact & experience of working for an international client that contributes to social impact goals

Boost for their CV

Experience exploring career types and meeting real-life employers safely

Outcomes for educators

Offers students valuable career experiences

Helps your school fulfill 5 of the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance


Connection to real-world global problems and challenges that can integrate with and support your curriculum

Assists with your career guidance programming and can be embedded into class time or work with individuals

Outcomes for parents

Children working for impactful clients and learning autonomy

Children gaining important skills like time management, diplomacy and inter-cultural communication skills

Meet some of the clients our previous participants have completed work for:

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Gastro Campo.png
MOB logo.jpg
Tasty Hour.png
african impact.jpg
Image by Samantha Gades

What is next?

Think your students would benefit from taking part in our next X Challenge? 

Chat to Kyra Kellawan, our schools coordinator, please click below.