Preparing VET Students For 21st Century Careers

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These 2020 statistics show a rapid change in how we understand the careers of tomorrow.


In an analysis of 25 common skill sets today, researchers found that between 2016 and 2030, demand for social and emotional skills will grow across all industries by 22% in Europe.


In the next decade, 60% of jobs in the workforce will be new.


University students will switch jobs an average of 12 times during their working life, and will switch industries an average of 5 times.

Career development, experiential learning and international networking will be key to prepare our students to be truly future-ready.

Chemistry Students

For VET colleges and schools wanting to offer to their students work experience with a real life client, network with like-minded individuals and develop important transferable skills.

Transferable Skills

Students gain the skills set to set up their career of the future

Real Life Clients

Students build their portfolio with rapid international work experience

Group Cohorts

Students join like-minded individuals to complete projects


What is the X Challenge?

Online learning materials combined with live sessions and project driven client work to boost skills training, confidence and work experience.

5 Live sessions with Xperienceships industry expert coaches


Minimum of 3 hours work commitment per week

Present the work back to the expert coaches and clients

Learn new skills through interactive and self-led online content from videos to worksheets.

More about the X Challenge for VET students

Who is X Challenge for?

The challenge is for Vocational Education and Training colleges and schools. This challenge is designed to offer students the opportunity to complete working hours and explore different careers and 21st century companies.

What are the benefits of the XChallenge for my students?

They will get to work on real life projects with international clients. They will be able to complete the amount of working hours required for their internship. In addition, they will get to know different industries and experts/mentors.

Can I follow my students’ progress?

Yes, you can have educator access to our bespoke learning management system to check in periodically and see how we work with our students and industry experts in remote teams.

What field of study is the challenge designed for?

The X Challenge is designed to be taken for all Vocational Education and Training students who are interested in gaining relevant skills for the workplace, understand how a company works and create a valuable professional network. Fields of study: Marketing, Communication, Business, Administration, Law, Education, Humanity and Arts, Information and Communication Technologies, Tourism, Social Sciences, Languages, Social Work, Hospitality, Design, Media, Sports Science, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Economics.*
*The skills learned during X Challenge can be beneficial to students in any discipline or area of academic life. If you are not sure about how it can help your students, you can book a call with our team.

When does the next X Challenge begin?

The X Challenge runs monthly and starts every last Thursday of the month, please contact the xperienceships team to find out specific dates.

Outcomes for students

Real world impact & experience of working for an international client that contributes to social impact goals

Boost for their CV

Experience exploring career types and meeting real-life employers safely

Outcomes for educators

Offers students valuable career experiences

Challenges that can integrate with and support your curriculum

Provides students access to a large network of professionals and experts.


Meet some of the clients our previous participants have completed work for:

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Image by Samantha Gades

What is next?

Think your students would benefit from taking part in our next X Challenge? 

To chat to Cecilia Nilsson, our program director, please click below.