My Xplore Year

Starting date: 

October 5th

Career Design · Experiential Learning · International networking 

Course Overview

Spend 8 months developing your professional profile. During this program you will be able to design your career, meet and get inspired by industry leaders and work on real life projects. All while building international connections with your peers, your mentors and clients. 


This program is designed to work in teams remotely. You will have live sessions with coaches (which will be recorded in case you miss them) and the projects are mentored by experts. 


During the program you will have access to a skills based platform so you will be able to upskill your professional profile with self-led courses. Moreover,  your coach will provide you with extra opportunities to take the most out of your “Xplore Program” such as volunteering, extra curricular activities, live programs, etc. 


This experience will provide you tangible work experience to be ready for future jobs and source your 2021 internship. 

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Your schedule

Part 1 - Design Your Career

What should be the next step in your career? How can you source and secure an internship or your dream job? A coach will train you with our 5 steps to own your career method. You will build your professional profile and set up an action plan to boost your career. 

Part 2 - Micro Internships

You will work for international companies. You will work on 3 projects improving their brand storytelling, developing an influencer strategy for their social media and boosting their visual communication.

Part 3 - Social & Service

All the companies you will work with are service based organizations in Europe, Latin America and Africa. They work towards the Social Development Goals from the United Nations in goals like quality education, climate action, inequality and zero hunger.

Part 4 - International Networking

During the 8 month program you will be able to attend 8 talent talks led by international expert leaders and influencers in their field. Your mentors, coaches and clients will also be from different countries, which will provide you with a wide network of reliable contacts for your professional future.

Part 5 - Entrepreneurship

The last 2 months of the program you will work on your own business idea. Your coach will guide you through all the steps to consider when starting a business. The objective is that you have an expansive idea of the process of creating a startup and the skills needed to do so.

Part 6 - Upskilling

You will work with your coach on which skills you should acquire and improve considering your needs, the market and your field. To do so, you will have 12 months access  to a skills based online training platform.

Your projects

1. Brand Storytelling

Do you know what storytelling for brands is and how it helps companies to engage with their audience? During this first module, you will advise an international company on how to improve their messaging across multiple platforms. Improving your professional profile will be a natural progression of your work. 

2. Influencer Strategy

You have probably heard about influencer marketing. It sits beside social media and content marketing. In part 2 you will learn how to design, build and implement an influencer marketing strategy for an international client.

3. Visual Communication

During the third project you will develop your visual communication skills. You will be introduced to digital programs and tools while working on a project for your final international company and improving your resume and portfolio. 

4. Entrepreneurship

Launching a project requires a process and a series of actions and decisions. Together with your mentor, you will learn how to launch a project based on a challenge and how to pitch and improve your public speaking skills.


Design your


  • 1:1 career coaching with experts

  • Define your values and boost your self-brand

  • Get ready to source and secure your 2021 internship


Gain real work experience

  • Work for international brands

  • Boost your portfolio to showcase your experience

  • Learn transferable skills for the workplace


International Networking

  • Meet industry experts and influencers

  • Learn from your mentors 

  • Client interaction and team management

What's included?

1:1 sessions with your mentor

8+ hours of talent talks from industry leaders and influencers


12 month access to more than 1000+ online courses and masterclasses


3 real life client projects


6+ hours international client interaction

Social enterprise work experience towards Sustainable Development Goals

Work on your startup project

Online courses on remote working and self brand

Client LinkedIn recommendation

Who is this Xperience for?

This course is for all individuals who:

  • Aren’t sure what to do in their career path.

  • Are taking a gap year in the academic year 20-21.

  • Are looking for an internship next year 2021.

  • Are interested in developing skills transferable to all industries.

  • Are interested in completing real work experience in the modern world.

  • Are interested in producing quality project work to boost their resume and portfolio.

Your Coaches

You will be coached throughout by our xpert career coaches and industry xperts


Starting date: 5th of October 2021

Duration: 9 months

Program cost: 3500$ until August 31st


  • Resume with tangible work experience

  • Acquired transferable skills for the workplace

  • Career action plan 

  • Tools and resources to source and secure your 2021 internship

  • Community of Career Xplorers

Maggie, 2020 participant

Cooper, 2020 participant

Paige, 2020 participant


How long is the course?

The program will start on 5th of October 2020 and will lasts 8 months until May 2021

How many people are on the course?

Each course will have a maximum amount of 20 participants. During the sprints, you will work in teams of maximum 5 people.

What are the requirements to join the program?

No requirement needed. We just recommend a B1 english level (no certificate required).

Who are the experts or mentors?

The Xperts are the ones running the sessions and sharing their knowledge. They are experts in the field, with extensive professional experience and network. Your mentor will be our career Xpert. Together with your mentor you will work on your personal brand, career action plan, define your core values, make connections for your 2021 internship and improve your resume/LinkedIn profile.

What software is needed for this program?

Only Zoom. We use it for all the online sessions.

Who will I work with?

This is an international program, which means that your colleagues can be from different countries and disciplines, just like the coaches. For each project, we will split the cohort in smaller teams according to their skills and interests.

Who will the clients be?

You will work for a different client on each project, this means interacting with 3 clients during the program. The clients are always international companies, based in different cities around the world and from different industries. You will be told which client you will be working for when their program starts. You can see some examples above.

Can I participate if my major is not marketing or communication?

Of course you can. There is no requirement to participate in this program. The program is based on the area of marketing and communications. However, the methodology we use for the program allows us to transfer the knowledge learned to other fields of work. We have participants who are students of Biomedicine, nursing, engineering...

What do the participants value the most?

Working for international clients in micro projects to boost their resume, the 1:1 mentoring with Xperts and the team work they perform during the whole program.

How to secure your space

This unique program starts October 5th. Leave your details to start your xplore journey.